Katie Gosewisch's Top Wedding Memories - Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy

At Kinetic Edge, we’re celebrating the marriage of our occupational therapy Katie 1assistant Katie Williams to Sean Gosewisch. Katie and Sean were married on the Iowa State Fairgrounds on May 18.

The two met through mutual friends in Oskaloosa right after Katie graduated from William Penn. However, other relationships kept them from dating until they ran into each other about a year later and found out they were both single. So they went out for a simple date in Oskaloosa and ended up singing a ton of mutually loved songs in his car to end the night. Katie says even now that their shared love of singing is one of the things she loves most about him.

Sean proposed to Katie under the stars in the mountains while the two were visiting a friend in Aspen. Katie says he compared their love to the infinite number of stars and then completely surprised her with his proposal. Talk about a romantic!

We asked Katie to share some of the best parts of their big day, and this is what she had to say:

  1. My wedding dress: I am not a shopper, and I actually dreaded wedding dress shopping so much. I had been in the shop once before and was scheduled to go back with friends and family to make sure it was the one. It happened to be Black Friday so the lady informed us that their clearance dresses were even cheaper with it being Black Friday. I was pretty set on my previous dress I had picked out but figured it wouldn’t hurt to look. I tried a couple on and nothing was doing it for me, but there was one more that my sister-in-law found for me to try on. In my mind “the one” wasn’t really a thing… It’s a dress; they all look nice. However, this dress was “the one”! It fit like a glove, and it was a STEAL!
  2. My dancing dress: Yes, I know I said my wedding dress was “the one” and it was.Katie 2 But it was not going to allow be to me to dance at my wedding like I wanted to with it being a “mermaid” style dress. I was going to make it work anyway, but I ended up finding a place called New Hope in Oskaloosa. They had new wedding dresses for super cheap, and I fell in love with one that was 8 sizes too big for me. My amazing aunt reluctantly (at first) agreed to see if she could make it work for me. She also made my prom dresses so having her alter my dancing dress was very special for me. She did an AMAZING job, making it exactly what I wanted. She even voiced having fun with problem solving how to make it work.
  3. Our first look as I walked down the aisle: I remember being so nervous and excited to see Sean. When I actually did see him as I turned the corner down the aisle, that’s when it all became so real, and I had to fight tears of joy for most of the ceremony.
  4. Special music: I have some very vocally talented cousins in my family so one of them sang a song during our unity candle lighting. He and another cousin also sang our first dance song. It was so special having that extra special touch to both of those intimate moments of our wedding.
  5. Getting ready in the hotel room with my bridal party before the wedding: Katie 3One of my bridesmaids is a hair dresser so she and her co-worker, who is also a friend, did our hair. Her sister did all of our makeup. It was so nice knowing the people doing my hair and makeup because it was such a laid-back environment and everyone was really able to just be ourselves an relax. Plus, they did an amazing job!
  6. Setting up the venue: We spent Thursday and Friday setting up, and I loved seeing everything we’d prepared come to life.
  7. Our flowers furnished by family friends: It was so special to have my cousin and family friends make our gorgeous flowers. It wasn’t planned, but the family friend that made Katie 4my bouquet was actually the same person that made all of my prom flowers so having her do my wedding made for an extra special touch.
  1. Our wedding cake: A completely different cousin made our wedding cake. I am truly blessed with talented family and friends and loved having them share their talents to make our big day perfect.
  2. THE DANCE: Sean and I love dancing and even though we didn’t get to do as much as we’d have liked to, it was still a blast when we did dance as well as seeing everyone else have a good time.
  3. Reflecting on our day: Sean and I both loved getting to the hotel and Katie 6reminiscing of the day. We felt so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that showed up to help celebrate such a monumental day for us!