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Tuesday December 12, 2017


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We currently have multiple great opportunities for physical therapists or physical therapist assistants to work full-time in an outpatient orthopedic/sports medicine clinics in Pella, Oskaloosa, and Newton.

Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy is a unique place. Our reputation is unmatched in the care we provide our clients and our commitment to select the most effective treatments that are in the client’s best interest without the concern to meet billing quotas. Our company is well-established (founded in 1998) and has experienced tremendous growth in the past three years because of our success in transforming lives and restoring hope through movement. Our combination of insurance-covered care and cash-based programs has created stability and strength. We aren’t just surviving; we’re thriving.  If you want autonomy & a drama-free work environment, Kinetic Edge is for you!

Kinetic Edge commits itself to the following:

• Continuity of care – our treatments are very personal and provided by the physical therapist, not support staff
• Active treatments – our focus is on therapeutic exercise, functional enhancement, and manual skills, not passive modalities
• Autonomy of practice – our therapist schedules are flexible to allow for a comfortable work/family balance
• A lifetime of learning – we provide ample opportunities for continuing education, advanced education enhancement programs, and encourage unique skill development
• The platinum rule – we treat others better than we expect to be treated

Our benefits allow you to grow professionally and clinically with:

• Competitive salary with bonus-earning potential
• Generous paid time off package
• Generous CEU & advanced education benefits
• 401(k) plan
• Health savings account, flexible spending accounts, and dependent care accounts
• Company paid disability and malpractice insurance plans
• Company paid association and section memberships to stay involved and active in your profession


Must have a degree in Physical Therapy and be eligible for IA licensure. Experience in an outpatient clinic performing orthopedic and sports rehab is desired but not required.

Join the team that exists outside the box and supports therapists with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do things differently than the norm.

For more information, please email your inquiry, resume & references to:

Troy Vander Molen, PT, DPT

kinetic edge physical therapy whole company photo

Friday December 1, 2017



For the past 18 years, I have run the minutes of my years on my birthday. For some, this is no bid deal, as some people run their years in miles. For others, the thought is crazy, especially in the middle of December.

At age 25 I felt let to start this tradition that I felt I could sustain for many years.  The run for most years has been pretty easy.  As I got closer to 40, I realized that I would need to start training for my birthday run and be more prepared as the years brought more minutes.  For the past several years I have been trying to do the run with others, as my goals with endurance sports have been shifting to be more around community instead of just competition.  This is not just because I am getting older, but because I have learned that doing activity with others is quite fulfilling.

This year, the tradition continues. Please join me for a 43 minute run at 7:17 AM on Sunday, December 17th. We will be leaving from our Des Moines clinic at 516 3rd Street, Suite 100. To RSVP, email us or call 515-309-4706.

I challenge you to start your own health traditions. Don’t forget to invite others to join you on the journey!

Friday December 1, 2017


Cracking the neck

Is cracking your neck all it’s cracked up to be?

by Troy Vander Molen, PT, DPT

Cracking the neckIf you grew up in my day and age, you might associate “snap, crackle, pop” with the breakfast cereal Rice Krispies. Now, being the age that I am, I’m also beginning to associate that phrase with the sound I make when I move!

Since the dawn of creation, our bodies’ biggest enemies have been time and gravity. As a result of a generation of technological advancements, humans today are being impacted by time and gravity in new and different (and more substantial) ways. Think of the postures encouraged by hours at computer workstations and on our smartphones.

As a physical therapist, I’ve had many clients say that they feel like something needs to be cracked to loosen it up. Usually, my clients are referring to a pain and stiffness somewhere in their spine. The release that occurs with spinal manipulation can be perceived by certain individuals as bringing instant pain relief.

The medical term for the noise you hear when a joint pops is joint cavitation. Within each joint, there is fluid that acts as a cushion for the joint. When movement occurs at the joint, a vacuum is created, and the joint pops as fluid rushes back into the joint cavity. This phenomenon can occur either spontaneously by an individual or intentionally by a licensed medical professional like a physical therapist or chiropractor.

In my experience as a physical therapist, it is most common for people with a stiff neck to seek a quick answer to their problem, but is a “snap, crackle, pop” of the neck a safe and effective thing to do? Will it cause arthritis? Could it be potentially hazardous? Is cracking your neck all it’s cracked up to be?

First, let’s discuss the impact of joint popping on arthritis or joint damage. A 2011 study by deWeber et al published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine found no correlation between knuckle cracking and osteoarthritis. That does not mean that there are no effects from cracking a joint. Dr. Pedro Beredjiklian, Chief of Hand and Wrist Surgery at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA, indicates that cracking a joint loosens “both its capsule and the surrounding ligaments. And the looser those components become, the more easily your joint will pop.” In other words, the more you crack your neck, the more you’ll feel the need to crack your neck.

Neck PainSometimes you’ll hear horror stories of possible major concerns with spinal manipulation of the neck (i.e. cervical spine). For example, from time to time you’ll hear about a person experiencing a stroke after receiving joint manipulation of the upper neck. While a stroke is a very bad outcome, studies indicate one will occur in as little as one in 6 million upper cervical manipulations. So not only is it a highly unlikely occurrence as a side effect, but also in most cases, it’s entirely preventable when well-trained health care professionals do the appropriate testing before cervical manipulation.

There are people who respond very favorably to cervical manipulation. Dr. Jeff Moore, DPT, a physical therapist and educator in manual therapy techniques, describes that there is a major relay station in the neck that consists of nerves that travel between the head and neck. If you experience one-sided headache pain with neck pain or stiffness, and your symptoms tend to get worse in an upright posture, you are likely to respond well to a manipulation of that region.

Why is that benefit experienced? A review article by JG Pickar in a 2002 edition of the Spine Journal explains the positive effects of spinal manipulation. Techniques that result in “cracking” of the neck create a stimulation can dampen the experience of pain through something known as the gate control theory.

Think of it this way. Imagine you stubbed your toe, a minor but definitely painful experience. Now imagine that you experience another more significant injury, like a broken arm. For a while, you may totally forget about your stubbed toe because the new and more substantial stimulus overrides the original less significant problem. In a similar way, the neurological response to spinal manipulation can momentarily override the pain signals and reduce the pain experience.

At Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy, we believe that spinal manipulation can be a beneficial treatment option for some people, because the current evidence supports its use in specific situations. In fact, the most recent research has shown that exercise and manual therapy together is better at reducing pain and enhancing function than exercise or manual therapy alone. In other words, spinal manipulation can effectively treat a symptom, but it doesn’t solve the root problem.

It is also important to note that spinal manipulation is just one of many types of manual treatment options. To get long-term benefit, the manual treatment doesn’t need to be a manipulation, and it must be combined with a more comprehensive assessment that helps you understand why this area of your spine feels tight.

The best benefits of manual therapy come when the treatment is specifically applied. Each joint has a particular design, so the degree and direction of movement matters. That’s why treatment from a trained professional is much more effective (and safe) than self-treatment.

Inefficient postures can contribute to neck painSo, is it OK if you pop your own neck? If done infrequently, it is probably harmless, but if you find yourself needing to do it more and more, seek professional help from a physical therapist trained in manual treatment techniques. It is likely a symptom caused by inefficient posture, which can accumulate into a more significant problem over time, and a thorough assessment will take into account all the factors that contribute to the pain.

If it hurts to pop your neck, don’t do it! In most cases, no pain occurs when you produce a sound, which means that the tissue involved is most likely to be a soft tissue. However, noises accompanied by pain may indicate joint surface damage, and further assessment by a medical professional is warranted.

If you’ve experienced periodic neck pain and would like to “test drive” our well-trained physical therapists, just call 866-588-0230 to schedule a free screen. For no cost and with no obligation, you might just get the answer you need to solve the root problem once and for all, and you can say good-bye to your personal Rice Krispies!

Friday December 1, 2017


Whitney Vander Veen's Wedding

Whintey Vander Veen's Wedding in Henderson NebraskaAt Kinetic Edge, we’re celebrating the marriage of our physical therapist Whitney Steingard to Mike Vander Veen. Whitney and Mike were married in Whitney’s hometown of Henderson, Nebraska at Bethesda Mennonite Church on November 11.

The two met in the fall of 2014 when Whitney was attending physical therapy school in Omaha. Meanwhile, Mike was at chiropractic school in Kansas City. Whitney’s roommate Jess was dating Mike’s friend Andrew at the time, and Andrew mentioned he had a friend Whitney needed to meet.

Somewhat jokingly, Whitney fired back that Andrew should bring this friend to Nebraska, and to her surprise, they ended up coming to a tailgate for a Husker game. After some strong encouragement from Andrew, Mike mustered up the courage to ask for Whitney’s number. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The two were engaged on November 13, 2016! In May of 2017, Whitney moved to Oskaloosa. For the first time, they were living ten minutes apart instead of three or more hours.

We asked Whitney to share some of the best parts of their big day, and this is what she had to say:

1. Our First Look – We did our first look outside, and I walked up behind Mike and put my hand on his shoulder. I was already tearing up so when he turned around I think I said something funny to keep both of us from crying.  It was great to finally see each other and be together for this day that we spent so much time planning and getting ready for.

2. Walking down the aisle with my Dad – I am definitely a Daddy’s girl so this moment was very special for me.  We talked the entire way down the aisle as I was smiling and looking at Mike to again keep from breaking down and start some unstoppable crying.

3. Spending time with all the girls in my bridal party – These are the ones I have been through several years with, and I just felt so happy and blessed to have them all in one place for this special day.Whinteys Bridal Party










4. Getting to wear my wedding dress. My mom and I (along with some others) spent a long time looking to find just the right dress. I was pretty excited to be able to wear the one that I had found that was just right.

Whintey and Mike Vander Veen








5. Reading the letter that Mike had written to me before we went out to have our first look. I think I read it somewhat fast partly because I was crying and didn’t want to just start sobbing from all of the kind and selfless things that Mike had written and promised me for the things to come throughout our years of marriage. I am one lucky girl.

6. Setting up the reception hall and church on Thursday and Friday – My mom and aunts and I had spent several months planning and preparing, so to see everything come together how I had imagined was great.

7. All of the love and support from family and friends during the week of and on our wedding day. Having all of the most important people in our lives in one place is a rare occasion. I was very thankful for everyone there who showed us their love and helped make the wedding day go so smoothly.

8. Watching my flower girl and ring bearer (my Cousin’s kids Charlie and Callie) throughout the day.  I loved having them be a part of our wedding day and they just looked so dang cute.

Whintey's flower girl and ring bearer









9. Celebrating with my grandma. My Grandma is my only living grandparent, so it was very special to have her be there and a part of our day.

10. Our first dance. I loved this special moment with just Mike and I together. The rest of the dancing throughout the night with all of our closest friends and family was a highlight as well.

Whitney Vander Veen's Wedding






Photo credits: Deana Johnson Photography


Thursday November 23, 2017


Todd Schemper

Did you know that it is scientifically proven that the trait of gratitude is one of the top three strengths that predicts well-being? We challenged our team members to share something special they’re thankful for this year. Here’s what they had to say:


Jared GerberThis year, I am very thankful for my wife. After spending a lot of time in separate parts of the US over the past few years, it is awesome to just be together. She makes me laugh, is more patient with me than I deserve, forces me to get up and workout in the morning, and encourages me when I am down. I am very thankful to have her as my best friend and the best teammate for life I could have asked for.

– Physical Therapist Jared Gerber


Todd SchemperI am so thankful for my wife Denise and our three wonderful children.  God has blessed us immensely. The picture is from the Wonderfully Made Family Camp we went to this past summer at Hidden Acres. We are looking forward to connecting with other families with kids with special needs again next summer at camp!

– Physical Therapist Todd Schemper


Melissa HansenI am thankful for my parents!  Let’s face it, without them I wouldn’t be here. They have taught me more life lessons than I can name.  I know they are only a phone call away for advice or just to talk about my day.  Thanks for all you do, I couldn’t have asked for better parents!


– Physical Therapist Melissa Hansen


WhitneyWhere to begin – I have been blessed, amazed, blown away, and overly grateful for family and friends on numerous accounts in just this month of November.  As Mike and I have been preparing for our wedding day over the past few months we have been continuously reminded of how thankful we are for our parents.  We have both been blessed in more ways that we can even name from the effort our parent’s put forth in raising us in loving, supportive, Christian homes.  As Mike and I begin this new journey of marriage together – we can only hope to follow in our parents’ footsteps as we build a Christian foundation together to prepare for a future family of our own.  Whether we need love, laughs, lectures, or advice on life – our parents are always there for us and we could not be more blessed.

– Physical Therapist Whitney Vander Veen


TimI am thankful for my parents. They have instilled in me a desire to work hard and serve others by the example they set. I realize how fortunate I am to have been raised by them.

– Physical Therapist Tim Vander Wilt




Heather 2I thank God daily for my husband, Eric, who is my rock and truly a blessing from God. I am also thankful that God gave me my children, Aracelli and Andrew. They have taught me how to love unconditionally. It has been amazing watching them grow and mature and become awesome little people.

– Physical Therapist Assistant Heather Pilcher


EliseAs I look back on 2017, I am especially grateful for a good, old fashioned road trip my family took to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. We were stunned by the beauty of God’s creation while enjoying our time together with very few distractions of technology (which was an added bonus)! It was time spent together that will be cherished forever!

– Elise Spronk, Occupational Therapist


LindseyI’m grateful for the the title of Auntie this year. On July 21, we welcomed our nephew Grant to the Klyn family, and exactly three weeks later, my sister shared the exciting news that they were expecting as well. This is the first baby on my side of the family, and we are all looking forward to meeting him/her come March. Three of my closest friends also welcomed a baby this year or will soon. It’s been so special getting to venture alongside the journey of pregnancy and motherhood with some of the women I respect and admire most. I’m so grateful for the ways they’ve let me share in their excitement, their struggles, and their children’s lives with the role of Aunt Lindsey – even if that wasn’t earned by blood.

– Marketing Specialist Lindsey Klyn



I am incredibly thankful for family and friends who are like family.  We have enjoyed adventures, navigated new stages of life and experienced so many blessings this year!

– Physical Therapist Carol Kelderman



StacyI’ve never felt guided by God as much as I have this year.  I took a leap of faith and left a job I loved and had been at for almost 12 years to stay home with my daughter for the summer.  Within two weeks of leaving that job, my daughter had emergency surgery to replace her VP shunt.  Within a couple weeks of that surgery she was back for another emergency surgery to have it replaced yet again.  I was so thankful that I could stay by her side the entire time and not have to worry about anything else.  As the summer came to an end and Delaney was feeling much better, I knew I should look for a job again.  I had an offer for a job where I would work nights and was seriously considering it when unexpectedly Carol brought up the possibility of working for Kinetic Edge.  Needless to say, that worked out and I’m so thankful she thought of me for this position.  I really enjoy my new work family!

– Office Assistant Stacy Crouse


EricaI am thankful for my family. My family has gone through a magnitude of change and trials during the past year, but have come out stronger together in the end. The biggest thing that my family has gone through during the past year is my mom having cancer, being in remission, and the cancer coming back. Through that time, my family has been a rock and has come together to help each other out during the hard times. Most of all I am thankful for my mom. My mom has been the biggest rock of all. Even though she is the one going to cancer treatment, she is still the most positive, loving, caring, and servant hearted person. She has shown my family how to love everyone, be thankful for the small things in life, and the serve people who are less fortunate than us.

– Athletic Trainer Erica Guinane


KaityI feel like I have so much to be grateful for this year – I’ll stick to my top 3! First and foremost, would be my husband. This year has been fairly eventful and he has been my rock through it all. There is no one else I would rather go through this crazy, beautiful thing called life with! Second, I am grateful for our home. We purchased our first house in March. It has not only been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun being first time homeowners and making our place truly “ours”. Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for the team and our clients at Kinetic Edge. I am so glad to have joined a wonderful company that enables me to serve, learn, and continue to grow among genuinely great people who value and respect me.

– Physical Therapist Kaity Hall


AshleyTypically when asked what I am most thankful for there are many ideas that flood to my brain and I have a difficult time choosing just one! This year it is quite simple.  I am so incredibly thankful for my husband, Spencer. Many people know him as a quiet, keep it to himself kind of guy but this is one of his qualities that I admire most about him. He is the calm to my crazy and one of the hardest working men I know. He serves our family and friends with his whole heart and does so with humility.  I am so grateful for his love!

– Occupational Therapist and Athletic Trainer Ashley Beekman



MarjieI am grateful for my village.  You know the people who are always there for you.  The ones that will laugh with or at you, cry with you.  You can tell them anything and know that they won’t judge you.  Give you support when you need it.  Bring a meal if needed. Will drop everything to come in an emergency, pray for you or a family member without question. Some of them you may not see for days, weeks or months but nothing ever changes.  The unconditional love is still there.  This picture is only of few of my village.  I am so grateful to have all these people in my corner.  God is so good!

– Office Assistant Marjie Rinehart


MattI am especially thankful that my parents and grandparents who raised me on our century farm in Page County.  Through my formative years Byron, Ruby, Ed & Carol Scotton modeled work ethic, community support, and respect for people and nature.  In my adult years I am thankful for all the love and support I have received from my immediate and extended family members, as well as the people of all my communities: educational, residential, athletic, faith, and recreational.

– Physical Therapist Matt Scotton


KimmyI’m thankful for “The Clan”, which is my sister Sara and our cousins Cory & Kyle. Although we’re cousins, we’ve always considered each other to be more like siblings. (Probably because if we were actually siblings, we would have made our parents go crazy…or crazier than we already did ) Over the years, we’ve been there for each other through highs, lows, and everything in between. Since life has taken us to different parts of Iowa, we’ve had to get creative with ways to see each other. This also makes me thankful for Snapchat, group text messages, and virtual game nights! It also makes our time together that much more special. Within the next 8 months our “Clan” will grow to include Cory’s fiancé Courtney & Kyle’s fiancé Hanna, and I couldn’t be happier to add to these two to our family!

– Assistant Office Manager Kimmy Van Zee


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