Reflections on 2016
Sunday January 1, 2017


The New Year has a way of making us nostalgic about what’s happened over the past year and hopeful about what’s to come in the next year. When we reflect on 2016 at Kinetic Edge, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed (in a very good way) by all that happened in the past year!

Our team is bigger than ever and helping more people than ever. We see this as fulfilling our mission to transform lives and restore hope through movement, and we are so thankful for the growth you’ve helped us achieve in the past year.

OT month cover photo 2016

Check out some of the accomplishments we’re most thrilled about:

$27,490 donated to restore health, happiness and hope!

Thank you for referring your friends and family members to us. Every time you refer someone to us, we donate $10 to a local charity on your behalf with our Join the Movement program. This program allowed us to donate $2,490, and here’s where the funds went in 2016:


  • $40 to PET (Personal Energy Transportation)
  • $90 to Animal Rescue League
  • $130 to Hope Ministries
  • $70 to Love Inc.
  • $100 to Newton Wellness
  • $680 to OK200
  • $210 to Jump for Kids
  • $140 to Courage League Sports
  • $180 to Habitat for Humanity
  • $160 to Friends of Newton Parks
  • $70 to Youth & Shelter Services
  • $620 to Bethany Christian Services

We were also thrilled to pass on more of the blessings from this year with $25,000 in donations to additional local non-profits. We look forward to continuing to support worthy causes like these in 2017. For the first quarter, each of our clinics has selected a local school or two to support so keep referring friends and family members our way to raise money for your local schools.

HUGE increase in lives transformed

In 2016, we witnessed a 45% growth in clients visiting us so that they can move better, feel better, and function better. Our consulting work (which includes business and schools we serve) also saw 17% growth. Bottom line, we love that we’re fulfilling our mission to transform lives and restore hope through movement with more people than ever before!

18 years celebrated since our opening in December 1998

It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come since 18 years ago. Based on the previous stat, it seems that adulthood (18 years) suits Kinetic Edge well, and we’re excited for all that’s in store for year 19.

10 new team members added to facilitate growth


  • Kimmy Van Zee joined our team in January as our Assistant Office Manager.
  • Lauren Saehler joined the team in February as a physical therapist in Newton.
  • Derrick Simms joined the Osky team in February as a physical therapist.
  • Travis Ethen joined as an occupational therapy assistant with PRN hours in Oskaloosa and Pella.
  • Rachel Johnson joined the team in Ames as an athletic trainer and office assistant in April.
  • Susan Metz joined the Newton team as an office assistant in August.
  • Erica Guinane joined the Newton team as the athletic trainer for Colfax-Mingo.
  • Devin Bain joined the Oskaloosa team as the athletic trainer for Montezuma.
  • James Laughlin officially joined our team in November as a physical therapist assistant in Newton and Ames after working for us as a PRN since May.
  • John Lenderink joined our team in December as a physical therapist in Newton.

We’re also thankful we only had to say “see you later” to one team member this year. Becky Richmond left our Newton clinic in August to move closer to her family in California.

7 local schools provided with athletic training care

For years, we’ve served Pella Christian, Oskaloosa, and Tri-County. In 2015, we began working with Newton through our clinic manager Matt Scotton and Montezuma. This year we added contract relationships with Colfax-Mingo and Iowa Christian Academy as well. We take great joy and responsibility in keeping our student athletes safe and performing to their full potential!

6 lower back pain workshops offered

This year, we started more regularly hosting a free lower back pain workshop in our clinics. Almost 100 people joined us for one of these workshops to learn about how to rediscover a life where lower back pain doesn’t limit them. We’ve realized this is a problem many of you face, and we intend to continue to offer free opportunities for you to get professional medical advice in 2017!

2 major clinic changes


We completed our renovation in Des Moines in September and enjoyed hosting friends for our open house in October! In November, we also started renovating a new space where our Oskaloosa team intends to move to on February 3, 2017. If you remember, we also moved and did a large renovation with our Pella clinic in 2015. We are thrilled to provide better spaces for our clients to rediscover healthier, happier, and hope-filled living.

2 new certificates achieved

At Kinetic Edge, we’re committed to continually educating ourselves so that we provide you the best level of care possible. We provide funds and create time for all of our team members to endeavor in this continual learning, but we’re particularly proud of Heather Pilcher who achieved her Astym certification and Melissa Hansen who earned her dry needling certification in 2016.

1 new position created to better care for YOU

kaylaWhen our Ames office assistant Kayla Landhuis had her baby in May, we knew there was a way we could continue using her to provide you the best experience possible. After her maternity leave, she started a new role in our company as the Customer Care Coordinator and works to help us continuously improve at serving you!

So can you tell why we’re overwhelmed in a totally good way when we reflect on 2016? It’s been a year of incredible growth in fulfilling our mission and vision, and you can bet that we’re not going to stop working to make 2017 even better.

We know that you always have a choice of where to go for physical therapy, so we don’t take it lightly when you choose us. We hope when you reflect on 2016, you also can say it’s been a year full of growth and happy memories.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2017!