Update from Kinetic Edge on COVID-19 - Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy
As we continue to stay up-to-date with all new information from the CDC, WHO, and the IDPH, we want you to know that we have your health and well-being in mind. We have implemented new safety measures in all of our clinics to ensure a safe and clean environment.
We just wanted to give you an update on how we are moving forward in the midst of this unique challenge that we are all facing.

We are staying open so you can stay out of doctor’s offices!

With each passing day we gain a little more clarity in understanding our role moving forward. On Friday we received word from the Department of Homeland Security and our national association on why it is important for physical therapy clinics to remain open if at all possible, even in the event that a “Shelter in Place” order is given (hopefully we don’t get to that place here).

This is the summary from the government about PT clinics staying open:
Physical therapists are essential in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. They play a key role in keeping people they can help out of the doctors’ offices and ERs. This will not only free up the medical teams to treat those impacted by COVID-19, but also limit the exposure of those seeking the care of the physical therapist.

Physical therapists have long been considered the experts in the area of treating musculoskeletal injuries (strains, sprains, back and neck pain, etc). If you are suffering from pain or limited function due to a muscle, joint or spine issue you can come directly to a physical therapist and avoid urgent care clinics, ER’s and primary care offices.  This will reduce your exposure to people possibly infected with other illnesses and free up their time and resources to manage virus related issues. You are not required to see a doctor before starting therapy.

Updated safety measures for every Kinetic Edge clinic:
Our employees will:
▪ Check their temperature daily.
▪ Wash hands before and after all clients.Keep clients 6 feet from others.
▪ Limit the number of people to 10 per area/room.
▪ Limit manual therapy and close contact with client’s faces.
▪ Clean all surfaces used after each client.
▪ Clean their designated work area every hour.
▪ Stay home if they have Covid-19 symptoms: fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
▪ Check client’s temperature at all appointments.

We ask our clients to:
▪ Call if you are not going to attend your appointments.
▪ Come alone to therapy or with one other person as needed.
▪ Come as close to your appointment time as possible.
▪ Wait in your vehicle if you arrive early.
▪ Call to reschedule your appointment if you:
▪ Have coronavirus symptoms – a fever, cough, or shortness of breath
▪ Are immuno-compromised
▪ Have other medical conditions, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., and you do not feel comfortable continuing therapy outside of your home.
▪ Wash or sanitize hands upon coming into the clinic, and when leaving.
▪ Maintain 6 feet of distance between other clients.

If you are age 65 and older with other medical conditions, we want to help you make good decisions about your therapy; whether it is best to stay home or come to your appointment. Our therapists would be happy to have a conversation with you regarding your comfort level with attending therapy appointments in the clinic at this time. 

We want to continue to be a trusted resource that restores hope and calms fears. Please let us know if we can assist in any way, or if you have questions about our policies.

To your health, happiness, and hope!
Troy Vander Molen, PT, DPT, CEO, Partner, & Doctor of Physical Therapy