Whintey Vander Veen's Wedding in Henderson NebraskaAt Kinetic Edge, we’re celebrating the marriage of our physical therapist Whitney Steingard to Mike Vander Veen. Whitney and Mike were married in Whitney’s hometown of Henderson, Nebraska at Bethesda Mennonite Church on November 11.

The two met in the fall of 2014 when Whitney was attending physical therapy school in Omaha. Meanwhile, Mike was at chiropractic school in Kansas City. Whitney’s roommate Jess was dating Mike’s friend Andrew at the time, and Andrew mentioned he had a friend Whitney needed to meet.

Somewhat jokingly, Whitney fired back that Andrew should bring this friend to Nebraska, and to her surprise, they ended up coming to a tailgate for a Husker game. After some strong encouragement from Andrew, Mike mustered up the courage to ask for Whitney’s number. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The two were engaged on November 13, 2016! In May of 2017, Whitney moved to Oskaloosa. For the first time, they were living ten minutes apart instead of three or more hours.

We asked Whitney to share some of the best parts of their big day, and this is what she had to say:

1. Our First Look – We did our first look outside, and I walked up behind Mike and put my hand on his shoulder. I was already tearing up so when he turned around I think I said something funny to keep both of us from crying.  It was great to finally see each other and be together for this day that we spent so much time planning and getting ready for.

2. Walking down the aisle with my Dad – I am definitely a Daddy’s girl so this moment was very special for me.  We talked the entire way down the aisle as I was smiling and looking at Mike to again keep from breaking down and start some unstoppable crying.

3. Spending time with all the girls in my bridal party – These are the ones I have been through several years with, and I just felt so happy and blessed to have them all in one place for this special day.Whinteys Bridal Party










4. Getting to wear my wedding dress. My mom and I (along with some others) spent a long time looking to find just the right dress. I was pretty excited to be able to wear the one that I had found that was just right.

Whintey and Mike Vander Veen








5. Reading the letter that Mike had written to me before we went out to have our first look. I think I read it somewhat fast partly because I was crying and didn’t want to just start sobbing from all of the kind and selfless things that Mike had written and promised me for the things to come throughout our years of marriage. I am one lucky girl.

6. Setting up the reception hall and church on Thursday and Friday – My mom and aunts and I had spent several months planning and preparing, so to see everything come together how I had imagined was great.

7. All of the love and support from family and friends during the week of and on our wedding day. Having all of the most important people in our lives in one place is a rare occasion. I was very thankful for everyone there who showed us their love and helped make the wedding day go so smoothly.

8. Watching my flower girl and ring bearer (my Cousin’s kids Charlie and Callie) throughout the day.  I loved having them be a part of our wedding day and they just looked so dang cute.

Whintey's flower girl and ring bearer









9. Celebrating with my grandma. My Grandma is my only living grandparent, so it was very special to have her be there and a part of our day.

10. Our first dance. I loved this special moment with just Mike and I together. The rest of the dancing throughout the night with all of our closest friends and family was a highlight as well.

Whitney Vander Veen's Wedding






Photo credits: Deana Johnson Photography