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Physical Therapy in Ames

Our Ames physical therapy clinic opened its doors in July 2012. Located next to the West location of Ames Fitness Center, we are proud to be an independent, therapist-owned physical therapy & occupational therapy clinic.

Our small team size ensures that we’ll learn who you are and your story so we can provide you with a personalized experience that helps you get well and stay well.

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4700 Mortensen Rd, Suite 101, Ames, Iowa 50014

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Some of the areas we specialize in include:

  • Astym therapy
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Arthritis pain and dysfunction
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Child development evaluations
  • Chronic and acute pain management
  • Dry needling
  • Foot pain relief
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Hand and wrist conditions
  • Knee and ankle sprains
  • Motor skill delays
  • Neck and back pain relief
  • Pediatric therapy
  • Post-surgical rehab
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Reflex integration issues
  • Running video analysis
  • Sensory processing issues
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Tendonitis conditions
  • TMJ disorders
  • Vertigo
  • Work injury prevention and management


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