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Athlete’s Edge Program

Athlete’s Edge Program

Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby, sport or fitness program, or are an experienced athlete looking to gain that next percent of performance, our qualified clinicians can help you safely and effectively attain your fitness goals. Athlete’s Edge is a suite of services designed to enhance sport and recreational performance. Our clinicians are specialists in movement and are skilled in helping each client achieve their personal best. We offer services to enhance performance, mobility and recovery.

The foundation of our Athlete’s Edge program is our Athlete’s Edge Assessment. Our qualified clinicians will analyze your current fitness status and outline the best program to meet your needs. We also offer mobility restorations services, and recovery programming.

Athlete’s Edge Assessment

Regardless of fitness level, performance begins with a sound foundation of mobility, stability and movement efficiency. Our qualified clinicians will work with you to establish realistic goals; evaluate your current fitness status and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.

We offer the following services as Movement Specialists:

  • Video Movement Analysis
  • Hands-On Mobility Assessment
  • Muscle Strength and Coordination Testing
  • Personalized Programming Including
    • Mobility Drills
    • Coordination and Strength Exercises
    • Movement Optimization Training
    • Follow Up Sessions

These services are designed to complement your training whether you are working independently or with a coach. Coaches love our communication and perspective, finding this service to be additive to the client’s ability to participate in activity.

Mobility Restoration

Improving mobility may be one of the most important aspects to enjoying, or enhancing, your ability to participate in sport or recreation. Mobility is the ease at which you move. Mobility improves technique, decreases strain, and improves performance. Coaches regularly refer to our program throughout the season to assist their clients/athletes with mobility restoration.

We offer the following Mobility services:

  • Scrapping
  • Cupping
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Personalized Mobility Exercise Programming

Recovery Programming

Every athlete understands the benefit of sound recovery. Progress is made when activity and recovery are in balance. Too much activity without regard to recovery leads to poor performance and eventual injury. In addition to the modalities, our clinicians can help you understand the signs of poor recovery and help you design the most effective recovery plan.

We offer the following recovery services

  • Scrapping
  • Percussive Massage
  • Normatec Air Compressive Sleeves
  • Personalized Education

*Recovery Program not available in all locations.

Many people ask when is the best time to get started. The simple answer is now. Our programming is designed to enhance and build on your success’. Improving foundational movements can only help in you achieving your goals.

To get started simply contact us online or call your local Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy clinic and request an Athlete’s Edge Assessment with one of our qualified clinicians. Next, prepare for your appointment by reviewing your fitness history and goals. Finally, come prepared to get moving day one. We will evaluate your current fitness status and devise a plan to help you achieve your goal.

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