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Thursday July 16, 2020
by Carol Kelderman, PT DPT There’s a lot of talk about core strength these days and everyone wants a beach body. But the core is really more than meets the eye.  Did you know that you have a deep or inner core? And that your core has a floor?  Some people think that a strong core is having “six pack”… Read more
Wednesday July 15, 2020
by Heather Pilcher, PTA Motion is lotion! What in the world does that REALLY mean? We’ve all heard the phrase motion is lotion but today we are going to learn just what that means and how we can use it. Motion is lotion refers to the importance of movement to lubricate our joints with nutrient rich fluid and to maintain… Read more
Wednesday July 8, 2020
Ashley serves as a physical therapist for Kinetic Edge. She is passionate about promoting movement and wellness in her clients' lives to improve their function and overall quality of life. Ashley earned a BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Movement & Exercise Science. She then went on to graduate from Des Moines University with her Doctorate of Physical… Read more
Monday July 6, 2020
by Dustin Briggs, ATC, CSCS, NRAEMT, FMS As the weather begins to warm up even more we're spending more time outside gardening, golfing, exercising, or other activities. Increased time outdoors in higher temperatures can lead to dehydration and heat illness.  Hydration is critical and often neglected even when conditions are not hot and humid.  With all things being equal the… Read more
At Kinetic Edge, our mission is to transform lives and restore hope through movement!  In this uncertain time, there is a lot of fear about emerging from isolation and returning to normal life.  There are so many things outside of our control that can be scary. Finding hope can be challenging!  While many scientists are looking for potential treatments and… Read more
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