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Friday May 19, 2023
by Molly Robuck Summer is so close we can taste it and as movement experts we've been itching for nice weather to let us get outside and get active. If you're looking for summer activities in Iowa look no further. Hiking For the outdoorsy people. Iowa has a lot of hiking areas, caves to explore, parks to see, lakes to… Read more
Keeping up with physical therapy during the holiday season can be tough. There are so many other things to do - cooking, parties, shopping, travel, and visiting with family and friends. But if you're in physical therapy over the holidays, there's a reason. You're having pain or not moving as well as you want to. These issues place limitations on… Read more
Friday November 11, 2022
Physical therapists are highly trained health care professionals. They are experts in human movement who are trained to evaluate and treat all kinds of musculoskeletal issues with exercise and other techniques. Everyone moves and everyone can benefit from exercise, so physical therapy can help people throughout their entire lives! Physical Therapy for Children Physical therapists start treating some people very… Read more
Tuesday November 1, 2022
by Kimmy Marsh You get your mail or check your e-mail and you’ve gotten a statement from Kinetic Edge. You take a look and you’re not sure it’s correct. Now what? Here’s a list of some Frequently Asked Questions we get in the Billing Department to hopefully help you decide what your next step is! Q: What is a deductible?… Read more
Albia, Iowa (November 1, 2022) - Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy, a leading provider of services that enhance musculoskeletal comfort and performance for individuals and employers, announced today the opening of their newest clinic in Albia. This clinic, their eighth Iowa location, is set to open on January 2, 2023 inside the Made of Mettle facility south of Highway 5 on… Read more