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Friday September 30, 2022
by Lisa Brekke, PT, DPT Your child played in the Friday night football game and had a big impact with another player. They were pulled from the game for a concussion. Now what? First Few Days A concussion can be due to the above scenario or many others. In the first few days following a concussion it is encouraged that… Read more
by Brianna Wilkerson Mental health affects how we think, feel, and behave. Good mental health is important to think about as it affects how we make healthy choices, interact with others, handle day to day stress, and stay physically healthy. Ever wonder if mental health and being physically active are related? Do you think exercise affects how we think, feel,… Read more
by Nicole Ferguson When you enter any KE clinic, you’re met with the gentle clacking of a keyboard, the shuffling of papers, light music in the background and the smile a Care Coordinator. You take a seat in a cozy waiting room where conversation is light, and the prospect of a helpful appointment is in the air. You’re almost immediately… Read more
Tuesday August 9, 2022
by Brianna Wilkerson, PTA Have tight muscles that are uncomfortable or affecting your everyday movements? Daily stretching can help! It is important to keep your muscles flexible to maintain good range of motion and it has other benefits you may not know about too! Here are 5 good reasons why you should be stretching every single day. Improves Blood Flow… Read more
Tuesday August 2, 2022
by Molly Robuck Aquatic therapy can have lots of names: water therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, aqua therapy, pool therapy, therapeutic aquatic exercise, or hydrotherapy. It is an exercise and/or treatment done in a swimming pool with a physical therapist or occupational therapist. It can be used for relaxation, rehabilitation, fitness, and other therapeutic activities. Now, some may think that aquatic therapy… Read more