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by Shawni Wills, COTA/L General knowledge tells us that exercise improves our overall physical health and body function. However, are you aware exercise also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, boosts your mood and can be an effective tool when dealing with mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and stress? Exercise promotes changes in the brain.… Read more
by Allison Garmager, PT, DPT When the weather starts to warm up, we often begin to engage in more outdoor activities. What are some of your favorite spring or summer activities? Spending more time exercising and being active is great for our physical and mental health. For individuals 65 and older, the CDC recommends doing 150 minutes per week of… Read more
by John Lenderink, PT, DPT Do you have pain that is irritating or inhibiting your daily life or work?  Do you push through because you think maybe it will go away on its own or you are not sure where to get help?  Have you wondered if physical therapy could benefit you?  Here are examples of when physical therapy is… Read more
by Whitney VanderVeen, PT, DPT, ATC What is Flat Head Syndrome? Flat head syndrome develops when an infant’s soft skull becomes flattened in one area: Plagiocephaly – pronounced play-jee-oh-sef-uh-leeFlattening at one side of the headBrachycephaly – pronounced brak-ee-sef-uh-leeFlattening across the back of the headHead is wider than normalScaphocephaly – pronounced skaf-oh-sef-uh-lee Long and thin head shape when looking down from above… Read more
Monday May 11, 2020
by Liz Vermeer, PT, DPT Have you ever wanted to start being more active, but worried about the impact on your joints?  There are many benefits of being active in the water, and that doesn’t mean you have to swim laps!  Even performing standing and walking activities in the water can benefit you in a lot of ways.  Our Kinetic… Read more