Testimonials - Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy

I dislocated it and stretched all the nerves in my shoulder area. When I started, I couldn’t even lift my arm. I can lift 40-50 pounds now. I can move a lot faster than I was, and I haven’t had any problems with either one of my arms.

Donald Van Dyne, 26, Pella

I have arthritis in my left knee which was affecting my walking and exercising at the gym. In four weeks of physical therapy, I’m walking normal, going up stairs normal, and back to the gym. There is no more pain walking or waking up at night adjusting my knee to avoid the pain I was experiencing. Thanks Kinetic Edge for getting me back on the right path and helping me enjoy physical activity again!

Tamarra Bonwell, 68, Des Moines

I came to physical therapy after a softball injury. I had a fractured ankle, and after a little over a month of exercises and lots of care, I can now play volleyball fully. I’m not afraid that I’m going to hurt my ankle anymore.

Mikayla Eslinger, 16, Newton

I have been very pleased with the therapy I have received following ankle surgery. I have almost full movement and range of motion in it now, compared to almost none after surgery and six weeks in a non-weight bearing cast. The physical therapists have been so helpful in our sessions, in giving encouragement and prompting me in trying more exercises and difficulties of level. The whole staff is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this place to anyone seeking physical therapy. I really like that I have the same physical therapist and physical therapist assistant during my sessions, unlike other places I have been. Loved the experience.

Kathy Abrams, 66, Oskaloosa

I was referred to Tim Vander Wilt with Kinetic Edge by my massage therapist and personal trainer. I had been working very hard trying to relieve some shoulder and back pain. Tim tried the dry needling technique, and the results were incredible. The pain is gone, and I am continuing to work on issues related to my neck. Again, I am finding relief and will continue to work with him with successful outcomes anticipated.

Sharon Drake, 74, Ames

My experience at Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy was phenomenal. I had a very stubborn case of plantar fasciitis that seriously limited and impacted my quality of life. Kinetic Edge treated the cause of the injury and not just the symptoms. My PT worked tirelessly to improve my mobility, increase strength, and decrease pain. Thanks to their approach, I’ve been pain and injury free for over a year and have a much better understanding of preventative care and how to keep my body healthy. I highly recommend Kinetic Edge and encourage anyone in need of PT entrust their care and their health to the incredibly knowledgeable and caring practitioners at Kinetic Edge.

Karen Cleveland, 35, Pella

After dealing with McFarland Clinic with my primary wrist care, I decided to go to Tim who was recommended to me by a friend. Tim was the one of the best medical professionals I have ever dealt with. He was very easy going and attentive to my needs and concerns. He worked with me and related very well and made my experience very enjoyable. He went above and beyond setting up a personalized exercise program along with exercise demonstrations. I am very grateful to receive such excellent care from him, and I would recommend him to anyone with any injury because he is VERY knowledgeable. My future physical therapy needs will definitely be with this practice.

Kyle Barichello, 24, Ames

Kinetic Edge helped to get me back on track, literally. I run track and cross country for Central College and an injury sidelined me for a majority of my season. After an X-ray and an MRI doctors were still unable to find out what was wrong with my knee. The team at Kinetic Edge not only got me back to running injury free, but they helped me to receive All-Conference honors in the process.

Timothy Shepherd, 21, Pella