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by Melissa Hansen, PT, DPT In Iowa, baseball players are referred to “The Boys of Summer.”  With a 35-40 game schedule in roughly 8 weeks, it is a grind for the players.  Players and parents hear the words “Arm Care” and know it is important, but what exactly is it? A baseball pitcher comes in the dugout after pitching and… Read more
Wednesday July 7, 2021
by Elise Spronk, OTR/L In 2016 during the last presidential campaign, my youngest son came home from school and announced that his friends had decided what my campaign slogan would be if I were running for president. I was intrigued and quickly asked what that would be. I didn’t know that I had such a strong, public stance that could… Read more
by Dr. Troy Vander Molen, PT, DPT For 20 years I have been performing a variety of assessments in the arena of work injury management and prevention. There are many strategies to help maintain a healthy and productive workforce, and each employer should consider their unique needs when determining solutions to their problems. One of those strategies is called a… Read more
by Ashley Klein, PT, DPT  ACL injuries are prominent in the sports world. They affect all types of athletes and non athletes, but they occur most often in soccer, football, and basketball. Women are more likely to experience an ACL injury than men. But what exactly is an ACL? How do you injure your ACL? If you do injure their… Read more
by Whitney Vander Veen, PT, DPT, ATC Did you know that there are several benefits to crawling that affect real time development, but also different aspects of learning and processing for your child later on in their life?  Often times, babies will skip the regular developmental crawling phase. The good news is that some of the benefits can be performed… Read more
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