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Des Moines, Iowa – Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy announces the promotion of Dr. Kaity Hall, PT, DPT to Clinic Manager of their Des Moines location. “There is a lot of great energy at the new location in Des Moines! I’m looking forward to leading the Des Moines team as we get to know the community while continuing to serve the… Read more
by Molly Robuck Who out there gets all happy and giddy when they hear the word exercise? There aren’t a lot of people who love to be told “you just need to exercise more.” But have you ever thought of changing the word exercise to MOVE? Also instead of saying I HAVE TO exercise, say I GET TO. I for… Read more
According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the U.S. requires a blood transfusion. We all know blood donation benefits others, but did you know there are benefits for the donor as well?  The Kinetic Edge Corporate team had the opportunity to participate in a blood drive at our local LifeServe in Pella a couple weeks ago. … Read more
Tuesday May 17, 2022
by Aimee Keller, PT, DPT Are you experiencing pelvic pain, back pain, or lack of control of your bowels and bladder? It may be because of your pelvic floor, but not to worry. Physical therapy can help! What is the pelvic floor? It is a group of muscles that act as a hammock between the tailbone, pubic bone, and hip… Read more
It's no secret that prices have been going up. Gas is expensive. Food is expensive. The housing market is crazy. If you're looking for ways to save money, physical therapy might be just what you're looking for. Save Money with Physical Therapy A study that looked at the claims data of 472,000 Medicare beneficiaries with back pain found that when… Read more
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