Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy coming to Albia, Iowa

Albia, Iowa (November 1, 2022) – Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy, a leading provider of services that enhance musculoskeletal comfort and performance for individuals and employers, announced today the opening of their newest clinic in Albia. This clinic, their eighth Iowa location, is set to open on January 2, 2023 inside the Made of Mettle facility south of Highway 5 on North F Street.

Dr. Troy Vander Molen, CEO of Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy, had previously identified a potential need for outpatient physical therapy services in Albia and reached out to Made of Mettle owners Ashley and Bryan Crosser after seeing news of the new facility they had built.

Made of Mettle came about as a result of the Crosser’s passion for community involvement and generosity. Bryan had found his volunteer niche in sports, from coaching to fundraising for better facilities, while Ashley tended to be behind the scenes, promoting organizations with new graphic & web design, social media and all things digital. They put their passions together, bought a shop and began working toward their dream of providing a multi-sport fitness resource to youth in the community.

“We immediately knew we wanted to add skilled coaches, sports performance classes, and possibly even rehab services to offer kids the full package,” stated Ashley Crosser. “Into our lives came an email from Troy congratulating us on starting this large endeavor to help the youth in our area, and now we’re business partners on a mission to provide needed services to not only athletes, but the entire community.”

Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy opened in 1998 in Pella, Iowa, which remains the company headquarters. They have seven additional clinic locations throughout central and south-central Iowa. Since a change of leadership in 2014, Kinetic Edge has experienced unparalleled growth.

This recent success increased their interest in finding new markets to serve. The interest in growth, however, is not simply to add pins to the map, but the desire to influence people and communities with their unique mission to transform lives and restore hope through movement.

“The Albia community has been on our radar for a long time as an area of future growth for Kinetic Edge PT. Albia has made an impression on us as being a close-knit, hard-working, patriotic community that consistently demonstrates a love for neighbor and a passion for their local school system and its student-athletes.” shared Vander Molen. “When we met the Crossers and saw first-hand how they have invested in local youth athletics to enhance the lives of the kids there, we immediately knew that the Made of Mettle facility and its programming were a natural complement to our mission, vision, and values. We are proud to open our eighth clinic location in Albia and look forward to years of restoring hope and transforming lives through movement and physical therapy there.”

Kinetic Edge has a 24 year history of restoring health to people with musculoskeletal problems. They provide client-focused, one-on-one care people need using evidence-informed techniques, which has proven to be very effective. Plus, as an independent provider of physical therapy, their effective interventions generally result in lower costs for clients whether they are using their health insurance benefit or paying out of pocket. They look forward to opening and serving the community of Albia and surrounding areas soon!