She lost 85 pounds after a healthy resolution!

by Lindsey Klyn, Marketing Specialist 

For many, family pictures can be a necessary evil. You want to capture that moment in time when your daughter’s front teeth are missing or when your son’s knees are all scraped up from learning to ride a bike, but getting everyone in clean clothes and looking at the camera can be a nightmare. Hopefully, your efforts pay off, and your photographer captures one split second in time where your family looks like you’ve got it all together.

But what happens when the pictures come back and you really look at yourself for the first time in a long time? That happened to our Physical Therapy Assistant Heather Pilcher. After enduring a family photo session, Heather got the photos back and hated how she looked in them.

family pic (002)

“After seeing myself in those pictures, I knew it was time for a change,” stated Pilcher. “I couldn’t keep up with my kids, and I was tired all the time. I knew something had to give.”

So Heather set a healthy resolution with two simple goals: move more and eat less. Running, lifting weights, circuits, and workout videos all played a role in Heather’s lifestyle change.

And it’s paid off. Since January 6, 2014, Heather has lost an astonishing 85 pounds. She even completed a half marathon this past summer, something she never dreamed she would two years ago. She’s now even contemplating training for a full marathon!

Heather's Transformation

“The hardest part of this journey was staying motivated and not eating bad things,” she commented. “We have AWESOME patients that treat us with donuts and baked goods and who wants to see those go to waste?”

At a time of year when many set out to live healthier, Heather’s story comes as one of encouragement. In addition to working as a physical therapy assistant, Heather runs the medical fitness program at Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy in Oskaloosa and helps teach others how to live a happier and healthier life.

“My advice for those considering to make this change in their lives is to start now,” says Pilcher. “You will never regret starting now, but you will probably regret not starting. Find something to keep you motivated and set attainable goals. If I can do it, so can you.”