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by Whitney Vander Veen, PT, DPT, ATC Did you know that there are several benefits to crawling that affect real time development, but also different aspects of learning and processing for your child later on in their life?  Often times, babies will skip the regular developmental crawling phase. The good news is that some of the benefits can be performed… Read more
As movement professionals we spend a large amount of time advocating for our clients to get up and move around throughout the day to prevent the ailments associated with a sedentary lifestyle. But just as important as what we do during the day, is what we do at night. SLEEP! Sleep allows our body to recover from the day’s activities.… Read more
April showers bring…Rainbows! Fun motor coordination and body awareness sensory activity  Rainy spring days got you stuck inside? Add color to your day with this fun sensory activity! Create a masterpiece with your child as they use all of the colors of the rainbow to produce art you can admire for years to come! Whether you're trying to cheer up… Read more
By Derrick Simms, PT, DPT What Does a Physical Therapist Do? The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) defines a physical therapist as an expert in movement that utilizes examination to determine an appropriate treatment plan for a variety of physical conditions. Physical Therapists diagnose, educate, perform hands-on techniques, and prescribe exercise to facilitate the return of function. How Can Physical… Read more
by James Laughlin, PTA Kinetic Edge physical therapists treat lots of runners ranging from fitness enthusiasts, high school cross country and track athletes, to elite level runners. The number one question on every runner’s mind is whether they can continue running while injured. There is no short answer to this question as every individual’s situation is unique. Ultimately, this question… Read more
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