Physical Therapy - When to Come - Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy
by John Lenderink, PT, DPT

Do you have pain that is irritating or inhibiting your daily life or work?  Do you push through because you think maybe it will go away on its own or you are not sure where to get help?  Have you wondered if physical therapy could benefit you?  Here are examples of when physical therapy is appropriate and could give you the best outcomes.

Physical therapy has been proven to help people when there is something inhibiting their function.  People will benefit from skilled therapy at Kinetic Edge when they are having orthopedic discomfort. Orthopedic discomfort in nature is experiencing symptoms involving muscles or joints.  How do you know if your symptoms are orthopedic?  One of the best ways to determine that is if your discomfort is related to movement.  In physical therapy, the answer is not always straight forward. If your pain is related to some type of movement, then therapy could greatly benefit you.

john doing physical therapy

Common conditions that physical therapists see are joint pain, including lower back, knees, hips, ankles, shoulders and neck pain, but this is not an all-inclusive list.  Have you had orthopedic surgery?  Physical therapy is very important to restore function post-surgery and has also shown benefits if done prior to surgery.  Balance restoration to prevent falls and extremity weakness, are also common reasons to seek treatment.

Physical therapists are movement specialists and excel at assessing different movements used frequently for daily activities, work, or sport. Common movements assessed are how one jumps, runs, walks, lifts weight at the gym or work, or really any movement the body does. Physical therapy works to reduce discomfort or change the movement by stretching or strengthening a particular joint or muscle. If you experience discomfort with any of those movements, reach out to the movement experts at Kinetic Edge to schedule an appointment today!