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[embed][/embed] Foam rollers and self-myofascial release by Ethan Lahn, PT, DPT What is it? We’ve all seen the foam cylinder sitting in the corner of the gym or the physical therapy clinic. But, have you ever wondered what exactly it is? Why is it used? Foam rollers are a form of “self-myofascial release”. But wait! Don’t run in fear from… Read more
By James Laughlin, PTA What current research indicates for endurance athletes return to sport If you are recovering, or have recovered, from COVID-19 you may be wondering when is it appropriate to return to participation in endurance athletic activities? In this brief literature review I hope to outline the current thinking regarding safely returning to endurance activity. Considerations must be… Read more
Monday November 23, 2020
by James Laughlin, PTA Shin splints are commonly experienced by both recreational and competitive athletes. Shin splints, clinically known as medial tibial stress disorder, is an aggravation to the inside of the shin at the bone (Tibia). The primary symptom is pain which generally increases with activity.  There may be tenderness to touch and swelling along the inner side of… Read more
by Aimee Keller, PT, DPT Commonly, physical therapy is thought of as treatment following an injury or after having surgery. However, physical therapy is effective in preventing injury, especially when it comes to fall prevention in the elderly population. A physical therapist can help identify factors that may be putting you at risk of future falls. Falls can occur due… Read more
by Ashley Klein, PT, DPT “Do you think a visit to the chiropractor would help the pain I am having?” is a common question many clients ask during their physical therapy appointments.  Oftentimes the answer to this question depends on the client, however, many clients use physical therapy and chiropractic care in conjunction with each other. What is the difference… Read more
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