What Would be on your Movement Menu? | Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy
by Molly Robuck

Who out there gets all happy and giddy when they hear the word exercise? There aren’t a lot of people who love to be told “you just need to exercise more.” But have you ever thought of changing the word exercise to MOVE? Also instead of saying I HAVE TO exercise, say I GET TO.

I for one for about 6 months loved to exercise. I had a routine of getting done with work and going to a work out class 3-4 times a week, walking/ running on the weekends, and also worked out during nap time for my daycare kids. But then we went on a 1 week family vacation that didn’t have anywhere for me to walk/run nor a place to really get a good work out in. So like most I fell off the exercise train. I went back to just “relaxing” and not taking care of myself. My husband would often say “You really need to get back out to class or for a walk.” He wasn’t saying it to be mean; he was saying it because I was happier and easier to live with when I did.

So, let’s fast-forward from then to 2 years later. I started going back to school to become a health and life coach. During one of our sessions, we talked about ways to balance blood sugar and the blood sugar rollercoaster. Did you know that after you drink your coffee or whatever quick pick me up you reach for, and you are feeling great and energetic, then moments later you crash and reach for another, you are on a blood sugar rollercoaster? There are better ways to avoid the blood sugar crash. Movement “exercise” is a great way to help you avoid it. Not saying you need to go out and run 5 miles, do a P90x video, or anything like that. What I am talking about is doing a movement that you really enjoy.

Movement Menu

So how about creating a movement menu for yourself each week? It could be the same Movement menu for say a month then change it up a little, so your body doesn’t get too use to the same movement every day.

You might be wondering, what is a movement menu? A movement menu is a list of inspiring movement options for different fitness/energy levels and time constraints. So, write a list of things youmovement menu like to do to get your body moving. It could be things like; Biking, running, yoga, dancing, Zumba, walking, running, stretching, swimming, golf, basketball, baseball, softball, cleaning, gardening, Pilates, or whatever else you like to do that isn’t sitting down.

So my advice to you is write down at least 5 movements that you enjoy doing and get your body moving. Not only will it help you with your blood sugar crash, but it will also help in so many other areas of you health and life. There are lots of ways to help with the blood sugar rollercoaster.

If you are like most people, you start out strong and then fall off. So, find an accountability partner to hold you accountable to move your body in a way that you enjoy. Your accountability partner may even end up joining you on your journey after they see how much better you feel.

If you’re trying out your movement menu and you feel any pain or discomfort feel free to reach out to our movement experts to schedule a free screen or request an appointment.