Handprint flower pots
Wednesday April 27, 2016

Finger painting and handprint crafts have so many sensorimotor benefits so today’s craft is handprint flower pots! This is perfect if you’re looking for a kid craft with sensory benefits.

All you need for handprint flower pots is paint, glue, scissors, and two different colored sheets of construction paper.Hand painted flower pot 2

Step 1: Cover the palm side of your child’s hand in paint. You can use your hands to do this or a paint brush, but your child make this this is more fun (or tolerate the texture better) to do it on their own. In doing so, you are also helping your child develop body awareness.

Step 2: Press hand covered in paint firmly onto the middle of a piece of paper.

Hand painted potStep 3: Cut out a flower pot and glue below the handprint. We drew one on the sheet of paper first and then had the child cut around it.

Step 4: Have your child use their fingertips to paint flowers at the end of each finger.

Step 5: Write (or print and attach) the following verse:

I’ve made some flowers with my fingers and thumb. I’ve done this so you have them for years to come!IMG_9664

Then allow your child to think of a special someone they’d like to share this beautiful work of art with!

Curious what sensory benefits are occurring with this activity? You’re working on all of these:

  • Tactile processing
  • Fine motor coordination by isolating the index finger
  • Strengthening through weight bearing
  • Visual perception

Want to learn more about how sensory preference might be impacting your child and how occupational therapy at Kinetic Edge can help? Then check out this article by Occupational Therapist Elise Spronk. 

Occupational therapy and pediatric services are available in our Pella and Oskaloosa clinics.