Marble Mania - Kinetic Edge
Tuesday April 19, 2016

Marble mania is just what a busy mom needs. It’s super easy and doesn’t make a mess!

All you need are a handful of marbles and some cups. Cup and Marbles

Set the cups on the floor and scatter marbles around them. Then, let the fun begin! Tell your kids they are only allowed to pick up the marbles with their toes. Whoever collects the most marbles wins!

Marbles 3Marbles 1

Marbles 2You can do a ton of variations on marble mania, so let your creativity fly! You can change things up by assigning each child a specific color marble to collect, which encourages visual skills while they play. You can make an obstacle course or hide a set number of marbles in different rooms around the house. Try using cups that vary in height and opening width and require certain colors to go in certain cups.

Wondering what your child is working on while playing?

  1. Balance and coordination: Eye to foot coordination and integrating the Babinski reflex are facilitated which will help with vestibular and balance challenges and may help those kids who dislike wearing socks or shoes.
  2. Toe walking: Toe walking is also addressed because by picking up marbles one is using foot flexors which are the opposite muscles used in toe walking (the extensors).

Want to learn more about how sensory preference might be impacting your child and how occupational therapy at Kinetic Edge can help? Then check out this article by Occupational Therapist Elise Spronk. 

Occupational therapy and pediatric services are available in our Pella and Oskaloosa clinics.