Summer Activities in Iowa | Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy
Friday May 19, 2023
by Molly Robuck

Summer is so close we can taste it and as movement experts we’ve been itching for nice weather to let us get outside and get active. If you’re looking for summer activities in Iowa look no further.


For the outdoorsy people. Iowa has a lot of hiking areas, caves to explore, parks to see, lakes to fish in, and a lot more summer fun activities. Here are just a few of the hiking trails around Central Iowa.


Iowa also has quite a few caves you are able to go into and explore. Some of them may be a hike to get to, and some take some climbing, but they are all beautiful and well worth the trip to explore. Below is a list of a few caves that we have here in Iowa you can go explore. The top 2 are 2 of my personal favorites.


If you are more of a water person or just looking for something to do that doesn’t involve a lot of walking, Iowa has several fishing, kayaking, and boating spots.

The great thing about all these places is camping is located either near or at each of these. Hiking, exploring, boating, fishing, kayaking, and swimming in a lake are all great outdoors activities to get you out of the house this summer and most of these places and activities are either free or not expensive.


There are lots more entertaining activities around Central and South-Central Iowa to keep you busy this summer. Below I will list of other activities Iowa has to offer.

Indoor Activities

There are some indoor activities that you can do on those rainy summer days we sometimes get.

If you want some fun activities to do other than sit in the house everyday check some of these out. Either take your family, go with friends, or even just a trip out of the house alone to do something new. Whatever you choose to do please be safe and have fun!