by Lindsey Klyn, Marketing Specialist at Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy

When it comes to picking a hobby, the world has never had more options to offer. From geocaching to Pinterest projects, there’s plenty of ways to fill your free time. But in a world that continues to become more health conscious, we’ve seen a spike in individuals selecting physical activities for their hobby. From running to disc golf or Zumba to kickboxing, it’s not hard to find a physical activity that suits your personal preferences.

IMG_7752For Jamie Dunsbergen, weight lifting was how he chose to spend his free time in an effort to stay in shape for his passion: playing baseball. After his career as a baseball pitcher at Iowa State ended, Jamie continues to be involved with his passion by playing baseball with his two sons and coaching youth teams.

In February 2014, Dunsbergen was at the peak of his lifting abilities and pushing himself to do a set of deadlifts with the most weight he’d ever lifted, 345 pounds. In the process, he ripped his trapezius. This injury put a sudden halt to his passion, causing him to experience pain every time he threw a baseball or swung a bat. Like most people, he figured the problem would go away over time. When that didn’t work, Dunsbergen turned to a chiropractor.

“I went to a chiropractor numerous times,” stated Dunsbergen. “The adjustments always helped, but my chiropractor and I both knew my injury required another alternative to fully resolve the pain I was experiencing.”

Dunsbergen’s first alternative came through Game On Performance, a semi-private training facility where his two sons were already going to work out.  It was there where Brad Rolffs, founder and CEO of Game On, personally oversaw Dunsbergen’s lifting and ultimately recommended he give Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy a try.

“As a personal trainer and a strength coach, I always stay within my scope of expertise,” said Rolffs. “I recommended he try Kinetic Edge because I thought physical therapy could get him exactly what he needed to heal his injury. Jamie had never done physical therapy before, so I know he was a bit hesitant and unsure of what to expect.”

After a year and a half of living with shoulder pain, Dunsbergen decided to give physical therapy a try and checked in for his initial evaluation at Kinetic Edge with physical therapist Joel Watters. After discussion and evaluation, Watters and Dunsbergen agreed to a treatment plan which consisted of repositioning, Astym®, and building strength and stability throughout the entire shoulder.

IMG_7660IMG_7634 compressed“When I evaluated Jamie, I had significant concerns regarding his muscle function and overall shoulder performance,” stated Watters. “However, I felt confident that with the use of physical therapy and Astym®, Jamie could get back to living without pain.”

After just nine therapy treatments over the course a month and a half, Dunsbergen graduated from Kinetic Edge. He was stunned with the results of physical therapy and Astym®.

“Physical therapy completely healed my trap,” said Dunsbergen. “I’m back to lifting weights, doing home improvement projects, and throwing a baseball without pain. If Brad at Game On hadn’t helped me make contact with Kinetic Edge, I would probably still be fighting through shoulder pain.”

Dunsbergen’s story, being able to restore his health, happiness, and hope, is what Kinetic Edge works to do on a daily basis. Kinetic Edge views collaborating with other health oriented businesses like Game On Performance as essential for optimizing the health and performance of their clients.

IMG_7726 compressedIMG_7716“He’s back doing the things he loves and now continues to progress under the professional care of Game On Performance,” surmised Watters. “I couldn’t be happier for Jamie and the results he’s gained with physical therapy.”

Dunsbergen offered one piece of advice for those like him who have accepted giving up a hobby because of pain: “Give physical therapy a try. I had never done it before, but now I’m a believer.”


*Astym® is a form of therapy that regenerates healthy muscles and tendons while reducing unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. Many clients of Kinetic Edge have experienced great success with this treatment, even when other approaches routinely failed to solve their pain. If you would like more information on how Astym® could help you, please call 1-866-588-0230.