Work Systems Rehab & Fitness Changes their Name

Pella, Iowa – On March 13, 2015, locally owned and operated Work Systems Rehab & Fitness changed its name to Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy. While some may consider announcing a change of this significance on Friday the 13th a bad omen, Kinetic Edge looks forward to the opportunities this new names brings.

“We changed our name because the name we started with 16 years ago no longer fully represented our organization,” stated CEO Troy Vander Molen, PT, DPT. “It resonated well with our work injury clients but missed the mark with others we serve. Kinetic Edge more wholly communicates the variety of proven services we offer that help people move better, feel better, and function better.”

The change of their name does not represent a seismic shift in their focus as an organization, but it does represent a refined vision and direction. Kinetic Edge will continue to focus on work injury management and prevention, but their name better communicates their expertise in physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, pediatric therapy, sports medicine, and medical fitness. The common denominator in all of their services is movement, which led to the selection of their new name, Kinetic Edge.

“Our solutions may not always be quick fixes, but they do provide a long term result that help people thrive and excel,” commented Clinic Manager Elise Spronk, MS, OTR/L. “What many people don’t realize is that our services can be utilized with or without a referral, so the choice is really up to you.”

The team at Kinetic Edge is passionate about movement. They believe if people move better, they also feel and function better. The friendly and knowledgeable movement experts at Kinetic Edge help clients rediscover their healthier, happier, and hope-filled lives.

“At Kinetic Edge, we’re starting a movement and inviting others to join in,” said Vander Molen. “This movement is both literal and figurative. Movement helps people feel and function better physically, but this movement is also about not being complacent with your current reality.”

In addition to physical therapy services, Kinetic Edge in Pella offers occupational therapy, pediatric therapy, athletic training, ASTYM treatments, and a medically oriented gym. Kinetic Edge has five offices across Southeast Iowa, including offices in Pella, Newton, Des Moines, and Ames.

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For more information, please contact Troy Vander Molen at 641-780-6330 or via email at