Kinetic Edge: On Restoration - Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy
Friday June 5, 2020

Kinetic Edge is a missional organization that uses our expertise as movement experts to transform lives and restore hope. We have committed our existence to helping people feel better and function better so that they don’t have to accept the status quo. It has been a joy to ask others to come alongside us, to #JoinTheMovement that helps people redefine their physical reality and restore their health, happiness, and hope.

Pain is a complex experience. It permeates a person deeply as it involves the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. It is experienced internally but often manifested externally, and pain is a reality that prevents people from living an abundant life. Most often, pain doesn’t fully resolve, restoration doesn’t occur until the environment around the area of pain changes.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been observing what is happening in American society in the wake of another racial tragedy. It has pained me to see significant manifestations that highlight divisions in American society. As someone who naturally leans towards the “logical” side of an issue, it was easy for me to simultaneously understand the plight black people in America while also intellectually dismissing it. My natural thoughts and mental explanations on the issue of racial inequality allowed myself to tolerate the status quo, to excuse it to some degree.

Recently I interacted with a black friend who in a loving way challenged me to think differently. We discussed the current events spawned by recent manifestations of societal injustice towards people of color in a respectful, genuine way. We each approached the other with love and respect knowing that our unique backgrounds have provided us each with a unique perspective and trusting that each of us wanted the same thing: restoration.

During this conversation, a light bulb came on. I realized that I had been ignoring an important part of the issue. I favored the intellectual without acknowledging that this is also an issue of the heart. It was in this environment, with this attitude and an opened heart, that my friend helped me understand that issues of racism cannot be fully acknowledged and restoration cannot occur when only one side has a voice. He also helped me understand that it is meaningful when I, a white person, use my voice to profess that racial injustice is real and wrong. And now I know that the most powerful way a white person can use his voice is to publicly commit to being a part of the solution. My friend transformed my life, and now my hope is restored.

A core value of Kinetic Edge is to treat others with mutual respect, because all people are equal as image bearers of Christ. We mourn today with people of color because we realize that equality is still a dream, not a reality. We stand in solidarity with the oppressed. And we commit to being a part of the solution by seeking out opportunities to speak the truth in love on behalf of all people, especially those experiencing a pain that permeates their entire being and prevents them from experiencing true health, happiness, and hope.

Over the past five years, we’ve asked people to #JoinTheMovement at Kinetic Edge, and we are asking you again. Come alongside us in this movement and use your voice to bring about true restoration and wholeness. Will you join us?

Troy Vander Molen, PT, DPT
CEO, Partner, & Doctor of Physical Therapy
Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy