Kinetic Edge Team Attends PPS Conference

During November, the Kinetic Edge providers had the opportunity to attend the Private Practice Sector Conference in Orlando, Florida. The PPS Conference is a four-day event that showcases health and fitness-based products, medical systems, physical therapy, rehab and gym-based products and services.

We were able to gather some insight from three of our physical therapists from their experience at this year’s PPS conference. Matt Scotton (Newton Clinic Manager) and Carol Kelderman (Oskaloosa Clinic Manager) were attending for the third time, while this was Tim Vander Wilt’s (Ames Clinic Manager) first time. Some of their biggest takeaways from the conference were how passionate private practice physical therapists truly are, and how they all enjoy learning from other therapists who are intentional about the future of physical therapy.

When asked what they plan to implement into their own daily routines after attending the conference, Matt is planning to ask more questions to help people create a more effective plan that will help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Tim would like to expand his reach through social media, and Carol is looking forward to implementing concepts related to customer service and communication.

During the conference, the therapists attended a variety of breakout sessions, and all three Kinetic Edge therapists said they gleaned many things from these sessions. Carol enjoyed learning about the future of telehealth and understanding how it is currently being used in physical therapy. Other stand-out sessions focused on team building and creating a healthy work environment.

The Kinetic Edge team looks forward to the PPS Conference every year. They know they will come away with additional training and insight into the therapy field and how to ultimately grow their knowledge and stay up to date on all things related to physical therapy.

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2020 PPS Conference