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by Lindsey Klyn, Marketing Manager Getting a dog wasn’t something occupational therapist and mother of two Elise Spronk planned to do this year. But after constant pleading from her 12 year old son Bennett, Spronk started contemplating bringing a furry friend into their home. “Both of our boys had to do several things, including writing a report on the benefits… Read more
Do you suffer from painful knots in your muscles? It’s a common problem that many people try to treat with massages, injections, doctors, medications, and more. Ames resident Steve Kellner suffered from a similar pain after months of running resulted in very painful shin splints. The pain was stopping him from checking running a marathon off his bucket list. Stretches… Read more
Monday February 29, 2016
As a mom, sitting in the bleachers is more nerve-wracking than sitting in the dentist’s chair as they’re about to fill a cavity. On one hand, you want your kids to have the freedom to play and enjoy sports, but with training starting younger and younger, you know that their risk of getting injured is becoming greater and greater. No… Read more
by Dustin Briggs, Health & Injury Management & Prevention Coordinator  Brain injuries in sports are a hot topic right now. With the recent findings on Tyler Sash’s brain and the release of Concussion with actor Will Smith, there are more reasons than ever for a parent to fear the safety of their children in sports. However, you don’t need to… Read more
by Troy Vander Molen, CEO and Physical Therapist  Not many groups would unveil their new brand identity on Friday the 13th, but for some reason that date just seemed right for our bunch. As an entity that has existed since 1998, we have a long history of doing things just a little differently than everyone else, and it's fun to… Read more
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