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Did you know that it is scientifically proven that the trait of gratitude is one of the top three strengths that predicts well-being? We challenged our team members to share something special they're thankful for this year. Here's what they had to say:   I’m thankful for my college roommates who have turned into my closest friends. I’m thankful for… Read more
Wednesday October 28, 2015
by Troy Vander Molen, CEO and Physical Therapist at Kinetic Edge The year continues to move along, and November, one of my favorite months, is already upon us. It seems that many in our society rush from Halloween to Christmas, ignoring what I consider to be one of the best and most meaningful holiday seasons. I am particularly fond of… Read more
At our clinics, we see many people who have an ankle sprain. It is a very common event that impacts both young and the old. And though it can cause substantial short-term pain, swelling, and functional difficulties, most people consider ankle injuries to be fairly inconsequential for the long-term. But, in the words of College Football Gameday’s Lee Corso, “Not so… Read more
by Troy Vander Molen, CEO and Physical Therapist for Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy Esteemed financial guru Dave Ramsey uses the vehicle of financial advice to help many people change their lives. As economies crumble and governments reel, nations and their citizens struggle, and in many ways this is because they have lost hope. Ramsey’s vehicle is financial advice, but his… Read more
Got 20 minutes? Then you’ve got time to help Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy on its mission to transform lives and restore hope through movement. During the month of October, Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy is teaming up with The Healthiest State Initiative in honor of National Physical Therapy Month. The Healthiest State Initiative’s goal is to bring communities together by having an… Read more