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Thursday September 17, 2015
September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month No parent wants to hear their child’s name in the same sentence as brain tumor, especially when that brain tumor turns out to be cancerous. But on September 24, 2012, that’s exactly what happened to Todd and Barb Gosselink and their four year old son, Jacob. “Jacob’s head had started to hurt in… Read more
Friday September 11, 2015
With five clinics throughout Iowa, we have quite the healthy rival going on among our team members during Iowa vs. ISU week. Our Ames clinic particularly enjoys this week. With an ISU alumni operating the front desk and an avid Hawkeye fan as the physical therapist in Cyclone Nation, you can imagine the shenanigans that go down. Check out a little bit… Read more
by Joel Watters, Physical Therapist for Kinetic Edge in Pella What would you say if I told you I just spent five weeks in China? And don’t let me forget to mention that I went with my two year old daughter, one year old son, seven month pregnant wife, and 17 college students. You might be surprised that I’m living… Read more
Do you find yourself massaging your neck throughout the day? Do you try to move your neck as little as possible as not to bother it? At Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy, it’s our goal to help people throughout the greater Des Moines, IA area find a neck management plan that can help them achieve lasting relief. Left untreated, pain may… Read more
Thursday July 2, 2015
Do you have pain in your lower back? Do you ever experience numbness or tingling in your legs or feet? Are you interested in finding an all natural and permanent solution to these problems that doesn't require needles or surgery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from a condition known as sciatica. Sciatica… Read more