Barnyard Bowling - Pediatric Therapy Activity
Thursday September 8, 2016

Bowling is a fun activity for many people, including children, but it doesn’t need to be played just at the bowling alley. Acorns to Oaks, the pediatric therapy division of Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy, is excited to introduce barnyard bowling!

What you need: 

  • Bowling pins: If you don’t have a plastic set, you can easily make your own with plastic bottles or empty toilet paper rolls!
  • A ball

How to play: 

Set up your bowling pins. Instead of a normal bowling approach, instruct your child with an animal pose to bowl from. This make the game more fun, all while working on gross motor skills, core strengthening, and reflex integration. Reflex integration is critical to develop many skills required of children to perform successfully in school, at home, and at play.

Animal poses: 

  • The Dog: child assumes a downward dog position with his back toward the pins. He then kicks the ball toward the bowling pins, balancing on his hands and one foot.


  • The Cow: The child gets into a hands and kneesposition, facing the bowling pins, and uses his head to roll the ball toward the pins, just as a longhorn digs into the dirt.summer-2
  • The Pig: Use a rolling motion to launch the ball into the pins. It’s not rolling in the mud, but adding a little oinking will double the fun!



  • The Goose: Balance on one leg and roll the ball for a strike!



  • The Flying Horse: Yes…horses can fly! Have your child assume a flying horse position (AKA superman) and roll the ball toward the pins.



For additional fun, attach these animal pictures to the pins, and then have your child make the animal sounds of the pins he knocks down or discuss different characteristics of the specific animal.

Have fun and may the best barnyard animal win!