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by Lindsey Klyn, Marketing Specialist  For many, family pictures can be a necessary evil. You want to capture that moment in time when your daughter’s front teeth are missing or when your son’s knees are all scraped up from learning to ride a bike, but getting everyone in clean clothes and looking at the camera can be a nightmare. Hopefully,… Read more
Wednesday November 25, 2015
It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? The premise seems absurd that bad posture would be okay for you. Second only to “if you make that face it will stick that way,” we all can recall the voice of our mothers telling us to “sit up straight!” I’ll admit it. At times I operate from a physical therapy worldview that encourages symmetry… Read more
David Halstead went to work on December 3, 2013 like any normal winter day in Iowa. His wife, Jessica, was six months pregnant with their second child at the time. They knew their home would change in three months, but their lives were about to drastically change so much sooner. Around 11:00 AM, Halstead and the lead man in his… Read more
Did you know that it is scientifically proven that the trait of gratitude is one of the top three strengths that predicts well-being? We challenged our team members to share something special they're thankful for this year. Here's what they had to say:   I’m thankful for my college roommates who have turned into my closest friends. I’m thankful for… Read more
Wednesday October 28, 2015
by Troy Vander Molen, CEO and Physical Therapist at Kinetic Edge The year continues to move along, and November, one of my favorite months, is already upon us. It seems that many in our society rush from Halloween to Christmas, ignoring what I consider to be one of the best and most meaningful holiday seasons. I am particularly fond of… Read more