Movement Monday | Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy
Monday January 25, 2021

Because we’re passionate about movement we want to show you how to move your body correctly. Check back for more videos on proper movement technique.

2/15/21 – Step Downs

Step downs may seem simple on initial inspection; however, they can be deceptively challenging. The step down is a popular exercise to promote eccentric (lowering) strength in our legs. This helps to control our body through a variety of tasks we encounter every day, such as descending stairs.

The focus of this exercises lies in the control. Regardless of the height you are using, you should be able to control the descent through the entire range of motion. This may require you to work from a shorter step. Focus on keeping your hips level throughout the movement.

Start Position:

  • Start standing on a platform or step with one leg hanging off the edge


  • With an upright posture, bend your knee and hip
  • Slowly lowering your foot towards the ground

Keys to success

  • Control the motion: Don’t let the knee cave in, the hip fall down, or cheat with your non-weightbearing leg!
  • You shoulder feel the thigh of the weightbearing leg doing all the work

1/25/21 – Hip Flexor Stretch

As we all continue to work from home many people continue to spend a large amount of time sitting. This can lead to a tight feeling in the front of our hip. This tightness can often be attributed to the shortening of the hip flexor musculature.

The hip flexor is actually called the iliopsoas muscle, which spans from our lower lumbar spine to the inner aspect of our femur. It functions, as the name suggests to flex the leg at the hip joint. It lies deep in our abdomen running against our back, through our hip and attaching to the top of our leg.

To assess if this muscle is tight and to properly stretch this muscle can be a challenge if individuals don’t take their time to perform it correctly.

Start Position

  • Lunge forward, bending the front knee and keeping your down knee underneath your hip


  • Activate your core muscles to anchor your trunk on your pelvis
  • Gently tuck your tailbone under your pelvis
  • Collectively push your hips forward, this is a small motion

Keys to Success

  • Keep your trunk tall and avoiding arching backwards.

If you’re having trouble doing these movements please reach out to us online or call at 866-588-0230.